The Bark Side – Super Bowl Teaser Campaign

Case Study Video

The Bark Side Teaser Campaign utilized film, social media, and interactive components in a multipronged, online effort designed to build anticipation and intrigue leading up to a Volkswagen 2012 Super Bowl TV commercial. The campaign turned a one-day media event into a two-week media blitz.

The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser

Online Video

Watch the Volkswagen canine choir bark the iconic Star Wars Imperial March theme. Released as a Super Bowl teaser spot and web film which garnered 13+ million views prior to game day.

Dog Reaction Videos

Dog Reaction Videos

Typically on YouTube, fans respond to videos by posting their reactions. But The Bark Side caused an amazing Internet first: dog reaction videos. Check out how our fans' dogs reacted to the canine choir.
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The Bark Translator

In response to the response videos that fans were feverishly posting on YouTube, we built The Bark Translator to process some of the dog-reaction videos to The Bark Side teaser. Then we sent fans their dogs’ videos, fully translated into human speak, as a little "thank you" for showing their Bark Side love.

Boomer’s true colors are revealed when he hears our canine choir.

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Lola, the English bulldog, wonders the question on everyone's mind.

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The Bark Side teaser was seeded on Volkswagen's Facebook page to 976,838 hardcore VW fans.
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We also pushed The Bark Side to 60,467
VW Twitter followers, which also helped our film generate more pre-game hits than any other pre-released Super Bowl spot. Click to view Twitter.